Come Visit Bowling Green’s

“Mini-City” - Safety City


Our mini city of Bowling Green has paved streets and sidewalks, working traffic lights and railroad tracks.

Children are taught through classroom instruction, learning stations and practical exercise.

Children use battery-powered “mini corvettes” to experience vehicle and pedestrian safety. 

Students can learn safety lessons from

Ky State Police Officer.

Educational and Fun

Learn and practice safety skills

Did you know? Safety city serves about 1500 students a year...

Your student can visit too, by calling Greenwood High School

to schedule a visit.  (270) 842-3627


Thanks to our community businesses and agenciesThanks.html

Second grade children can come to Safety City and practice how to handle safety situations of every day life with a local law enforcement officer.

This webpage created by STLP students at William H. Natcher Elementary.  Comments about webpage can be sent to

If you have questions/comments about Safety City, please contact GHS at 270-842-3627

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