History of Rockfield School (1920-1960)


 Rockfield School, which was located nine miles Southwest of Bowling Green on Highway 68/80 and 240, was erected in 1920 on a site purchased by the Warren County Board of Education from Mrs. Louella Milliken for the sum of $800.00. This first building consisted of two rooms and a hallway on the first floor with a large room upstairs doubling as an auditorium and classroom.

The schools first principal was Mr. Ed Herndon from Auburn, Kentucky. Most of the children were transported to and from school by means of wagons and teams, while others walked or rode horseback.

Following Mr. Herndon was Edgar B. Smith, then Foreman A. Rudd, then Miss Mayne Puckett.

Another early principal was Millard S. Hutchens in 1925. In that year the school's first flag pole was erected by the 5th and 6th grades under the direction of Mr. Roy Milliken, their teacher.

About 1930, Erskine F. Walker became principal. The school was so crowed that Supt. McCoy and the Board of Education rented two front rooms in the home of Mrs. Milliken for classrooms until additional rooms could be provided.

Mr. Walker was succeeded as principal by L. L. Hudson.

In 1934, Everett Witt became superintendent and Carl J. Chaney was principal when the school became a 4 year accredited high school, partly maintained by a special district tax. The building then had 6 classrooms and a gym. These being added during the term of Superintendent G. R. McCoy.

In 1935, a project was started to build more rooms. Mr. W. A. Bryant, who had been trustee of the school for many years, gave his time as supervisor to build an addition of 2 rooms and a basement at the back of the gym.

Then in the early 1940's another room was added to the west side to serve as a music room, and a frame building was erected on the grounds to serve as a cafeteria and work shop. These projects were done under the supervision of Mr. Jess Harlax.

The roster of principals since Mr. Chaney include: H. O. Finney, J. F. Duncan, James R. Huey, H. O. Williams, and Jeff Stagner. These men served while Rockfield was a high school.

In the early 1940's, Woodburn and Rich Pond schools were destroyed by fire. Those high school students were merged with Rockfield which then became South Warren.

Although the school was crowded, it provided many extra curricular activities. Among them were an outstanding basketball team coached by Earl Kimbrough. A band was organized under the direction of Mrs. Kathryn Mae Duncan. Later years Mrs. Margaret Hampton and Miss Jean Cooper were band directors.

With the building of the new school in the late 1940's, known as Warren County High School, then South Warren became Rockfield Elementary again. It was at this time Browning and Quarry Union merged with Rockfield.

D. M. Wright was the first principal of the newly organized elementary school.

In 1973 a new building was built, about 1 mile east on highway 68/80, on its present site. Mr. Henry Smalling was principal during the 1973-74 school year. Mr. Everett Leasor served as principal 1974 through the 1998-99 school year.  Mr. Damon Tabor served as principal from the 1999-2000 school year to 2007-2008.

Mr. Monte Cassady is currently principal of Rockfield Elementary.  His first year at Rockfield was 2008-2009.

Rockfield Elementary had an additonal 13,000 square feet of space added to the front of the old building which was completed in 2002. The addition added a new Media Center, computer lab, seven classrooms, and office space.  New gym bleechers and a climbing wall were added during the summer of 2005. 

During the 2004-05 spring semester, the student body and SBDM Council approved  for the school colors to be Blue, White, and Orange.  The Blue and White are to make ties to Moss Middle and Warren Central High Schools.  The school continued with the Raider mascot, however the image was change to make the Raider less voilent (without a sword) as seen on the home page.