Technical Writing

iWeb is a very cool and easy way to create a website.  To begin, you must go to your Mac computer. A PC will not work because it does not have the iWeb program.

How to Make a Website Using iWeb

Keeli, 6th grade

Warren Elementary School

Technical Writing

Open iWeb from your dock or use the finder tool.  iWeb looks like a                

                bulletin board and the finder is a blue and white face. 

You are only a few steps away from your future website!

When  iWeb opens, different backgrounds will pop up.

Choose the one that best fits your website. If you cannot

find one you like, it will help if you scroll down for more


Next, choose the page that you would like as your first

page. More than likely you would choose the Welcome

page because it helps the reader understand what your

website is all about.

To add a title for your page, go to the left side of

your website.  Double click the word “Welcome”, hit the backspace button on your keypad, and then add the title that

you wish.

Now, lets personalize your website.  To change what is in a text box, highlight what is there and double click. Next, hit the backspace button on your keypad, and then type what you what others to see about your classroom.

To add pictures, look on the bottom right hand corner of your website where it says Show Media, click that, and you will see some different options. They will say Audio, Photos, Movies, and Widgets- double click  on the one that says Photos. Next, you will see some more options like iPhoto, Events, Photos, Last 12 months, Last import, and Flagged. You should click on the one that says iPhoto. If you have photos downloaded in iPhoto, all you will have to do is click and drag the photos where you would like them to be dropped.

To add a new text box, go to the bottom left hand corner

of the iWeb program. You will see a big T and it will

say “Text Box.”  Click on the T and a text box

will appear.   Arrange the box to the size you want.  Move

the box where you would like the text to appear, and then

start typing as you wish.

If you do not have photos in iPhoto, you will need

to download them from your camera or from a flash

drive.  Upload the photos into iPhoto, create a new

folder for your website pictures.  It is much easier to

find the photos you want to use if they are all in one place. 

To change the Text or Font on your website, you                

must  go up to the top right hand corner of the iWeb

program.  You will see many options. You must click

on the one that says “Format”. Now, if you want to

change the text, click “Text”, and if you want to

change the font click “Font”.

When you feel like you are ready to add a new page

to your website, go to the top left hand side of iWeb. 

Single click “File” and then “New Page”. Then, it will

give you the pages that go with your website theme.

Click on the page you want next.  I suggest choosing

the page “Photos” because it shows your readers what

your students are learning in the classroom.

iWeb is a great program to use for classroom websites.  I hope this document will help you create a classroom website a little easier!

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All images were taken by me as a screen shot on a Macbook