Our main role is to help students work through problems that interfere with their learning.  We do this by listening, helping with study skills, helping with problem solving skills, and providing a safe and supportive environment. 

It is the student’s responsibility to be open and honest, to be an active participant, to work toward agreed goals, and complete any tasks given to the best of their ability.


All counseling sessions will be kept confidential unless you, the student, want to share them with an outside source.  You and your parents do have a right to see your official school records. However, this does not apply to  counseling records.  There are a few exceptions to confidentiality.  They are as follows:

1.We feel that you are in danger to yourself or others.

2.We feel that you are being harmed by another person.

3.We are court ordered to relinquish information pertinent to a case. 

4.We discover a law is broken.


Drakes Creek Guidance

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